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5 places to go out with baby

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kit to go out peacefully with baby

The inevitable happened. After all these sessions at the pool and the many back and forth trips in the foot bath, your little one has caught a wart. For the past few weeks, it has been impossible to overcome it despite your many attempts. Should we intervene? How to get rid of it? We explain to you.

With babies, it’s not always easy to know where to go. Some activities such as the cinema or libraries, for example, are not necessarily suitable for a baby who is still too young. Indeed, he might get bored, feel annoyed, and you wouldn’t be able to relax. So where to take her? Here are 5 places where it is possible to take baby.

The complete kit to go out peacefully with baby

And finally, the first aid kit! With mainly: saline, soothing or healing creams, compresses, an antiseptic suitable for infants, a thermometer, paracetamol, a gel to relieve dental pain, dressings, tweezers.

The park or the forest for beautiful walks

First destinations that baby could enjoy: the park or the forest! Nothing beats a family outing in the heart of nature, accompanied by the chirping of birds. You have the choice between the park, its green space and its games for children, and the forest, with its trees that surround you and allow you to disconnect from the outside world.

In winter as in summer, baby will love these places. In the park, you can play with him on the slide, the sandpit or push him gently on the swing. The day could continue with a nice picnic if the weather is good. If you choose the forest, it will be rather a long walk and why not a picnic next to a lake.

The swimming pool for a sporting moment

A bit of’physical activityis required from time to time. And for baby, swimming is a good way to have fun and exercise at the same time. In addition, it allows you to share a real moment of complicity with him while letting you float in warm and pleasant water. For his part, your infant will be able to develop his movements and flourish as he should. This activity is to be preferred in summer rather than in winter, at the risk of catching cold when leaving the swimming pool!

The restaurant to enjoy with your family

The restaurant is a great outing with family or friends that baby will love. But above all, which he will be able to enjoy! Pick a restaurant with space for a stroller, and don’t be afraid to call ahead to ask if they have high chairs. Once notified, the waiters will be able to reserve a convenient place for you to come with your little one. And above all, don’t forget his toys to keep him busy!

The museum

The museum is another place where you can hang out with baby. A free place, open to imagination, in which baby can develop inspiration. Stroll with the stroller in its wide aisles, show baby the works of art, or explain to him what is presented there depending on the museum (science, history, art, etc.). This will allow him to open his mind and have fun for a day.

The zoo

Finally, the zoo, one of babies’ favorite places! Children are generally fascinated by animals, these living beings different from us who look funny. There’s nothing better than a full day at the zoo to combine strolls, distraction and emotion. Take baby to see lions, tigers, giraffes or even monkeys. The smile will be guaranteed throughout the day!

What you must remember :

Going out with a baby requires preparation. He can quickly moan, feel tired, hungry or even bored. You now have 5 places to choose from to enjoy a pleasant outing with baby.

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