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The 10 most expensive destinations in the world

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destinations in the world

Most searches on the Internet for vacation destinations are done with the aim of obtaining maximum luxury for minimum cost. But the most expensive destinations are also attracting a lot of interest. Most of the time, such searches are only done out of curiosity. But who knows… maybe you could win the lottery? In what order would you visit these magnificent places reserved for a privileged clientele? We have not done any calculations, so the list we offer is not a ranking, it only indicates the 10 most expensive destinations to go on vacation.


Paris is in tenth position on our list of the most expensive destinations. You can visit the city of love without spending too much money, but you can also take advantage of this stay to discover a world of luxury reserved for the wealthy. Going down to the Ritz, shopping in Place Vendôme, dining in fashionable restaurants, all these possibilities offered by the French capital come at a certain price. You can of course just pass under the Eiffel Tower… but you can also organize a private event there. With a lot of money, Paris is at your feet.

Fiji Islands

This South Pacific archipelago comprises 332 islands. If they are famous for their virgin beaches, the interest they arouse is largely due to their inaccessibility, since many of these islands are private.

new York

The city that never sleeps is home to a riot of luxury and extravagance. You might not expect to find it on this list of the most expensive destinations in the world, but the United States is a country worthy of the wealthy. And that’s especially true when it comes to New York.

The Virgin Islands

If some of the islands that make up this archipelago are also private, you can nevertheless visit the largest. On the island of Guana, there are small wooden houses – located on completely virgin beaches – that can be rented for the “modest price” of 700 dollars a night. We could not fail to include these islands on our list of the most expensive destinations.

Bora Bora

Favorite destination of music or movie stars and business magnates, Bora Bora is still one of those paradise islands that can boast of being among the most expensive vacation destinations in the world. An island (it’s not the only one) that has become synonymous with luxury, isolation and prestige.

Seychelles _

These islands are located in the Indian Ocean. We especially know the largest: Frigate. It is she who has the great privilege of being one of our most expensive destinations. There are 17 luxury bungalows, built of teak and African mahogany, which can only be rented for a minimum of 3 days, at a price of 3000 dollars per night. This island is well known for the importance it attaches to the preservation of its marine ecosystem and that of the interior forests.


This region of Italy , whose population is not very large, receives few visitors. She belies the legend that the least visited regions are also the least expensive. On the contrary, Tuscany is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the hotel offer is rare. Many luxury hotels in Tuscany are actually converted palaces. They are mostly in isolated places where you can only reach by car. The landscape, where vineyards predominate, is impressive and the historical past of the region is no less impressive.


The United Arab Emirates is probably one of the richest countries on earth. The quality of life there is very high and the visitor who goes there is aware of going to one of the most expensive destinations in the world. They even serve you cappuccinos decorated with gold leaf. Located by the sea and open to the desert, the city of Dubai has invested in the creation of artificial oases to take advantage of the coolness when outside temperatures reach peaks. To visit Dubai is, in a way, to venture into a science fiction story.

Trips to Dubai

The magician David Copperfield said of this place that it contained the secret of life. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it has become one of the most expensive destinations on the planet. The island is for rent in full for the modest sum of 40,000 dollars per week. It cannot be occupied by more than 12 people at a time. On the other hand, during the time you stay there with your eleven friends, you will benefit from a completely personalized set of activities, such as fireworks displayed in your honor, and you will be able to taste the best cuisine in the world.


Northern Europe continues to be a reference region and also one of the most expensive. And even if the luxury does not reach extravagant levels, Oslo remains expensive. It must be said that with its private trips to discover the fjords, its luxury hotels and its various attractions, Oslo has nothing to envy to the 9 other destinations on our list

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